AI is shaping the future.
Is it the future you want?

AI is our greatest invention, and brings enormous promise. But it also brings risk: it can manipulate us, enhance our biases, suddenly replace our jobs , and erode our creativity and skills. How do we make sure that AI is aligned with human values?

You may think you know the answer but it’s more complicated than you realize. There are many complex problems involving ethics and AI, including:


Problem: Political Manipulation

AI is being used to undermine democracy and strengthen totalitarianism by:

  • Manipulating elections using social media

  • Creating fake news with natural language processing

  • Discrediting people using deepfake videos

How do you make sure AI is on the side of democracy and justice?

Problem: Loss of Creativity

AI is taking over process of human ingenuity by:

  • Analyzing literature to produce automated stories

  • Generating fake essays for students

  • Automating problem-solving

How do you prevent human creativity from atrophying?


Problem: Increased Bias

AI can reinforce harmful biases and prejudiced assumptions by:

      Making healthcare decisions based on biased data

    Reproducing racial bias in text generation

    Automating employment decisions

How do you prevent AI from magnifying hidden distortions in human thinking?

Problem: Magnification of Greed

AI helps advertisers take advantage of people by:

  • Accessing user data sold by social media companies

  • Selecting highly persuasive targeted advertising

  • Manipulating online children's content for monetary gain

How do you ensure people can make decisions free of psychological manipulation?


Problem: Unintended Consequences

AI may produce unexpected outcomes with destructive consequences by:

  • Implementing unchecked and extreme solutions (e.g., Paperclip Maximizer)

  • Taking actions that cannot be reversed (e.g., killing a human or an animal)

  • Rushing unsafe products to market due to intense AI competition

How do you make sure that AI aligns with your intentions?

Problem: Loss of Skills

By taking over mechanical processes, AI will stunt human growth and agency by:

  • Controlling the management of energy and resources

  • Automation of industrial processes, resulting in skill loss

  • Attenuating human skills: what happens when only AI understands grammar, shoe-tying, or math?

How will you ensure continued human mastery of mechanical processes and skills?


Problem: Decline in Critical Thinking

AI is making decisions that invisibly direct human attention through:

  • Social media algorithms that reinforce confirmation bias and result in filter bubbles

  • Deepfakes that erode the trusting your senses

  • Social media algorithms that impact child development

What happens when you can’t distinguish the truth from an artificially created and manipulated world?

Problem: Direct Harm

AI may produce results that harm and even kill by:

  • Creating or directing weapons of war

  • Replacing jobs with automation

  • Automating vehicle operation that still may result in accidents

How do you avoid bringing added pain and suffering to human beings?


Problem: A Point of No Return

AI may become increasingly responsible for itself, closing off your access to intervene when needed by:

  • Locking you out of knowledge processes

  • Taking over human skills of making, fixing, navigating, judging

  • Centralizing corporate processes

What happens if you lose control of your creations?

Solution: Work with Us

We are experts and thinkers who can help you bring ethics into AI with purpose and design. Be a leader in ensuring a human-friendly future for AI.

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Mathematician, Educator

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Philosopher, Computer Scientist, Educator

Artificial intelligence. Human brilliance.

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