Artificial Intelligence. Human Brilliance.

A self-driving car is travelling down a street. A tree falls. Should the AI keep going, hitting the tree and harming the people in the car — or swerve and hit pedestrians on the sidewalk instead?

We help you approach this and other dilemmas facing organizations in the fast-rising world of AI.

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Who we are, what drives us, and our background in inquiry based learning.

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High impact-seminars on AI and Ethics, helping you create a tailored approach to your needs.

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Get away from it all so that you can focus on what really matters. Our intensive retreats are designed to help you think through the challenges that your organization faces in a series of guided discussions.

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The West Coast at its best

Salt Spring Island is the largest island in the Salish Sea between Vancouver and Victoria in Canada. Accommodations and meals are provided. All we need is you. We also have more traditional conference venues in California and in British Columbia.


The elements of AI and Ethics

AI and Ethics is an interdisciplinary field that comprises three elements. By merging them, we offer a way for your organisation to lead instead of follow.

  • Human values and ethics

  • Legal and regulatory frameworks

  • Technological strategies

Here are our people

Ryan Derby-Talbot, PhD

Mathematician, Educator

Darcy Otto, PhD

Philosopher, Computer Scientist


What we offer

A unique approach to AI and ethics.


A place to think about the developments of AI, and how it impacts the world around us.


A series of online and in-person seminars to think through difficult questions.


An approach that aims to trigger curiosity, develop questions, and encourage reflective learning.

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